Link Wednesday – October 2015

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company? and What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business? –
Takeaway: Two great articles about brand colouring and colour theory as well as a bit about brand recognition. Just as painting a bedroom red is often a bad idea for restful sleep, using a multicoloured logo for a business trying to be serious and reliable isn’t always the best idea either. Looking through these two infographics will give you a basic idea of colour associations. Look at your own logo and pretend you’re seeing it for the first time: what does it make you feel?

5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Graphic Designer – Ciera Design
Takeaway: From a fellow print designer in New Orleans, this blog post offers up a few of the items a prepared client checks off their list before sitting down with a professional designer (of anything, really… you should check these off your list if you’re asking for a chair to be designed too!). “Know the mission of your business and understand the target audience” is one of the most important questions in business and I need to know that answer before I can properly make a logo for your business. A more complete answer to that question is actually to have your Business Plan ready to share with your designer. (If you don’t have a business plan, consider having one made!)

Holiday Marketing Plan for Home Business – Leslie Truex (
Winter is coming (probably not that Winter, but you never know, really!). We all know it, even if we pretend summer isn’t draining away, and that the temperature in Edmonton (my home town) did in fact reach below 0°C on Monday. Fall is beautiful, but we all know what comes next! And if you’re a small business owner, you really need to figure out how to capitalize on the Christmas/Holiday season, even if you’re not a retail business.

Takeaway: “Determine how your product or service can help people during the holidays.” If your product or service isn’t obviously “gift” related, don’t be afraid to make it so! Do you run a yoga studio? Relate the relaxing benefits of yoga to the rush everyone feels before the holidays.

Will you be running a sale for Christmas? Sending out holiday cards or gifts? Are you comfortable doing the design yourself? Give me a call if you want help with sale graphics or custom holiday cards!

The Known World of Visual Storytelling – Jake Parker
Jake Parker is one of my favourite illustrators/artists/online personalities out there today. He initiated the “#Inktober” challenge, where loads of people (including me this year!) draw an ink drawing every day to improve their skills and then post their results… Which are just inspiring for me the artist. He also makes beautiful art.

Takeaway: It’s not apparent at first glance that this is an article relevant to business people. But trust me and give it a read. Talking about how the huge advancement in technology have helped genius crop up: “Had they been born in any previous century the world would’ve been denied their visions.” In the end, he says, “I see Kickstarter as being a massive ship carrying story-travelers across the sea of opportunity. Whereas, before the advent of crowdfunding travelers had to craft their own ships.” It’s a great analogy for all the opportunity the internet has opened up for all us business people (not just storytellers). Crowdfunding! Social media! Search! Online ads! All of these new (ish) technologies and services, if used to their fullest (and especially if representing a great product/service/story) can bring your product/service to people who never would have had the opportunity to experience it before. So if you have an idea for a product or service: launch it!


What have you been reading lately? Share interesting insights in the comments!