Looking for a Sales Person

I’m a graphic designer and branding specialist working in Edmonton. I’m looking to work with someone who excels at and loves business development and sales. You would be good for this position if you have experience in sales and want to work on your own schedule. You would be in charge of acquiring new clients and closing the sale with a contract.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me for more information or to apply.


Experience in sales.
Excellent customer service.
Excellent English skills.


Experience in client management.
Knowledge or comfort with social media.
Interest and basic knowledge of design principles.
Quirky personality.


Generating sales leads.
Building new business relationships.
Seeking out new opportunities for JKS.
Negotiating contracts/sales.

Room for Growth

Initially, this position can be as part time as you want it to be (on your own hours, at your own pace) and by commission only. Once we’ve each proven ourselves to the other, you can grow into an account-management role, maintaining and developing client relationships, resolving client concerns to ensure strong relationships, and even executing some of the company’s marketing campaigns.

About Jessalyn King Studios

I’m a one-woman shop in Edmonton, operating for over 6 years. I value honesty, authenticity, openness and communication, visual appeal, innovation, kindness, and compassion. My print design services help small business owners who want to compete with the big guys in their industry by making them look professional and appealing to their customer base.

About my Current Target Client

Up to 5 people working with the business, where the owner-operator (or at least the decision maker) is open to new ideas, change, or outside input. They’ve been in business 2-5 years and have played around with marketing but realize they either need help to move further or simply don’t have time to do themselves anymore. They don’t know what their logo will look like yet, but they want to look good, professional, and bigger than they are. They need the right design, consumer understanding, and advice for marketing.


Hi folks, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted anything here… but I’ve been doing stuff!

I’m moving into brand strategy and planning, so I can help you better strategize your brand within your marketing plan. I’ve worked on many projects, including logos, booklets, books, and trade-show graphics, and upped my networking game!

I’m also looking for help in my sales and new-client acquisition. I’m making a separate post about it, but if you know anyone, have them contact me to apply.