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This Week’s Post

Hi everyone! Sorry for the missing post this week! I had to take a few days off and that pushed my post writing back a bit. However! Things you can expect the rest of the month: My delayed Link Wednesday (up as soon as I can!) “What do you get for your money?”: An explanation […]

Best Art! November Edition

It’s time for some excellent art! RIP to a Former Art Site This month marks the end of an era… Canadian website Nuvango has stopped being amazing. They used to sell protective skins for any device you could want to skin and had a large selection of artists (you would always find new amazing folks on there) […]

Chimera: Monarazzly

So, it turns out bears are terrifying. Just in case you didn’t know. This is a Mongoose (a “slender” mongoose, to be specific), Grizzly Bear, and Parakeet.

Tip: Consistency

Consistency: conformity with other or earlier attitudes, practices, etc. Being consistent in whatever face you’re putting out to the world doesn’t mean you’ll be boring… unless that’s the face you’re aiming to put out there. What it does mean is that all your materials will feel the same. This includes the look of your logo, […]

Weekly Chimera Sketches

Extra post! I’ve been doing “chimera” sketches as a drawing exercise for the past little bit, and posting them for general entertainment. (Most of them are creepy, some are cute…) I’m posting here the ones I’ve done so far, and will post them weekly when I make new ones! (You can also find them on […]

Link Wednesday – November 2015

What Not to Do When Sending Business Holiday Cards Takeaway: Have you committed any of these faux-pas? Ordered too late? Mailed your cards a week late? Misspelled your clients’ names? Do you even send holiday cards? Would you like to have a custom card to send your clients? You still have until the end of November […]

What Is a Graphic Designer?

This is probably not something you’ve lain awake pondering (unless you’re a graphic designer yourself: hi!), but what, exactly, is a graphic designer? Is a graphic designer a fancy word for an artist? Are we just typography geeks and colour nerds? Do we have training? “What does a graphic designer do?” Graphic designers take strategies, […]

Objections to Design #4 (Budget Design)

“Getting a logo online is so much cheaper!.” (AKA: I’m going with Fiverr/Elance/99designs, etc.”) Cost is always a hot button for people, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money. Some companies end up with fantastic results from whichever online service they’ve used. That’s not always the case: most often, you get what you […]