Moved to Airdrie

I’ve had a big life and business change!

In January, I moved to Airdrie. As such, I’ll be spending most of my time down there, expanding into the Calgary market. I will continue my business development in Edmonton, coming for visits once a month or so.

If you happen to know anyone in Calgary either looking for graphic design services or who is a fun person to have coffee with, would you consider making an introduction?

If you’re interested in hanging out with me on one of my trips back up to Edmonton, let me know, and I’ll add you to my list to let know when I’m up.

Looking for a Sales Person

I’m a graphic designer and branding specialist working in Edmonton. I’m looking to work with someone who excels at and loves business development and sales. You would be good for this position if you have experience in sales and want to work on your own schedule. You would be in charge of acquiring new clients and closing the sale with a contract.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me for more information or to apply.


Experience in sales.
Excellent customer service.
Excellent English skills.


Experience in client management.
Knowledge or comfort with social media.
Interest and basic knowledge of design principles.
Quirky personality.


Generating sales leads.
Building new business relationships.
Seeking out new opportunities for JKS.
Negotiating contracts/sales.

Room for Growth

Initially, this position can be as part time as you want it to be (on your own hours, at your own pace) and by commission only. Once we’ve each proven ourselves to the other, you can grow into an account-management role, maintaining and developing client relationships, resolving client concerns to ensure strong relationships, and even executing some of the company’s marketing campaigns.

About Jessalyn King Studios

I’m a one-woman shop in Edmonton, operating for over 6 years. I value honesty, authenticity, openness and communication, visual appeal, innovation, kindness, and compassion. My print design services help small business owners who want to compete with the big guys in their industry by making them look professional and appealing to their customer base.

About my Current Target Client

Up to 5 people working with the business, where the owner-operator (or at least the decision maker) is open to new ideas, change, or outside input. They’ve been in business 2-5 years and have played around with marketing but realize they either need help to move further or simply don’t have time to do themselves anymore. They don’t know what their logo will look like yet, but they want to look good, professional, and bigger than they are. They need the right design, consumer understanding, and advice for marketing.


Hi folks, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted anything here… but I’ve been doing stuff!

I’m moving into brand strategy and planning, so I can help you better strategize your brand within your marketing plan. I’ve worked on many projects, including logos, booklets, books, and trade-show graphics, and upped my networking game!

I’m also looking for help in my sales and new-client acquisition. I’m making a separate post about it, but if you know anyone, have them contact me to apply.

Chimera: Arinomdeer


Arinomdeer: President Aria from Aria the Animation, Om Nom from Cut the Rope, and a Santa reindeer [not from anything specific].

Om Nom has become a real monster here.

Best Art! November Edition

It’s time for some excellent art!

RIP to a Former Art Site

This month marks the end of an era… Canadian website Nuvango has stopped being amazing. They used to sell protective skins for any device you could want to skin and had a large selection of artists (you would always find new amazing folks on there) you could follow for new work. Unfortunately, they’ve recently changed their model to limit and curate their selection, instead of being awesome (In fairness to their current artists, they still have some lovely work. I’m just bitter!). So I’m going to celebrate what used to be by sharing a few of my favourite artists I’d found through them.

Alberto Cerriteno paints in a faux collage style using textures as his colours. His “Enamoured” collection is the best. I have his enamoured owl and whale on my walls.


Amy Sol makes soft, weird art. Making good use of white paint by painting on a coloured canvas or wood (something not many people try), her paintings inspire conversations (like this one “Leave the Hair and Go Free”, which was on the back of my previous computer).


Nanami Cowdroy: creepy and beautiful. She’s not afraid to make a statement with her work (like this one: I have her cranes one on my wall.


Camilla D’Errico is probably my favourite. Being Canadian, she does the circuit of Canadian comic cons, and so I’ve got several of her works signed, which is the best.


One upside to losing my favourite website is that I’ve had to search around for others. Decal Girl and Society6 seem to be similar and I wouldn’t have bothered seeking them out before!

Autism Artistry

Last month at the Cannes Lions screening, there happened to be an exhibit at the Art Gallery downstairs of these fine gentlemen: Autism Artistry , two brothers from St. Albert. It was a lovely exhibit, and their work is amazing.


PiBoIdMo Survivor


In other news, I participated in the Picture Book Idea Month challenge in November… The purpose of which is to come up with at least one idea for a picture book each day in November. I came up with lots more than that, and hopefully it will turn into at least one good idea.

What art have you been into recently? I love finding new artists to love.

Chimera: Monarazzly

So, it turns out bears are terrifying. Just in case you didn’t know. This is a Mongoose (a “slender” mongoose, to be specific), Grizzly Bear, and Parakeet.


Chimera: Cheetoxhog

This one started out cute (I promise!) but turned out a little creepy, as usual. This little guy is a cheetah, hedgehog, fox: cheetoxhog. Enjoy!


Tip: Consistency

Consistency: conformity with other or earlier attitudes, practices, etc.

Being consistent in whatever face you’re putting out to the world doesn’t mean you’ll be boring… unless that’s the face you’re aiming to put out there.

What it does mean is that all your materials will feel the same. This includes the look of your logo, the colours on your sign out front, the paper you print your business card on, your ads in the local newspaper, your customer service, down to the way you shake hands.

If you’re inconsistent, your customer never knows what they’ll get.

Consistency is more than just using the same colours and fonts in your design. It needs to reverberate throughout the company. (However, we’ll start with the design, seeing as that’s my area of expertise!)

If you’re going for a casual, funky feeling, then lots of different colours or variations otherwise are fine. If you’re going for a dependable, there-when-you’re-needed feel, then too many colours or styles is confusing and counter to your purpose!

The industry term for the feel of your company is “brand”. And the most important thing in branding is to be consistent in your use of colours, fonts, layouts, style, and voice.

Once you’re consistent, then you can worry about appropriateness of your colours, fonts, layouts, style, and voice. If you have a nice logo, clean layouts, nice fonts, and good meaningful colours, but you don’t use the same ones on your letterhead, website, business card, user guides, posters, etc., then it will still look bad (especially if you don’t use the same ones within a piece!). But it is possible to NOT have a logo, while keeping nice fonts, colours, and a similar layout throughout all your pieces, and the lack of logo doesn’t matter so much.

Here are a few steps to start you on a brand assessment:

  1. Take stock of the brand pieces you’re releasing. Start with the physical design pieces like business cards, packaging, signage, posters, brochures, ads, etc.
  2. Make a list of the fonts, colours, and logo placement on each piece.
  3. Consider: Are they similar for all the pieces?

    If the answer is no, then it might be time to reign in your brand! Reduce the colours and fonts, start to develop guidelines for where to put your logo and what type of lines to use.

  4. Look at each piece as if you were a customer: what feeling do you get from it? (Sometimes it helps to ask actual customers!)
  5. Consider: Do they feel like your company?

Remember: consistency is more important than attractiveness (unless it’s consistently hideous).

Even if your design is less than perfect, “brand unity” (tying in elements from all your media (website, logo, business cards, brochures, etc.), using the same fonts and colours, and embracing repetition) is a great place to start. Have you seen any inconsistent branding lately? Share it with me!

Weekly Chimera Sketches

Extra post! I’ve been doing “chimera” sketches as a drawing exercise for the past little bit, and posting them for general entertainment. (Most of them are creepy, some are cute…) I’m posting here the ones I’ve done so far, and will post them weekly when I make new ones! (You can also find them on Instagram or Pinterest. Come say hi!)

Link Wednesday – November 2015

What Not to Do When Sending Business Holiday Cards

Takeaway: Have you committed any of these faux-pas? Ordered too late? Mailed your cards a week late? Misspelled your clients’ names?

Do you even send holiday cards? Would you like to have a custom card to send your clients? You still have until the end of November for a custom design with me (or until Friday for a discount on a beautiful non-custom card). Otherwise, get in touch, and we’ll talk about next year!

Better yet, send your clients greeting cards for the holidays no one thinks about! Celebrate extra time with the upcoming leap day in February! Rejoice over the end of winter during the spring equinox! (Note: you might want to also send Christmas cards to your most important clients and suppliers.)

How Your Brain “Sees” a Logo

Takeaway: “Well-liked brands trigger responses in the same brain areas where human relationships (friendships for example) are processed.” Your favourite brands occupy the same brain-space as your friends… Sound about right? Does your company occupy anyone’s friend brain-space? If the answer is no, consider re-branding your company.

Cannes Lions, Awards for Commercials

I recently attended the Advertising Club of Edmonton’s Cannes Lions 2015 winners screening. The event was in support of NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) who help Canadians in the marketing and communications industry when they fall on hard times.

The joke at the event was that TV isn’t a dying medium: they managed to collect a full theatre just to watch commercials!

There were many good commercials, and it’s hard to pick even a few to share, but this one broke my heart. (They even use the sad version of the theme from Pixar’s Up! Oh, it hurts!)

And this one made me laugh:

What have you been reading lately? Share interesting insights in the comments!