Chimera: Arinomdeer


Arinomdeer: President Aria from Aria the Animation, Om Nom from Cut the Rope, and a Santa reindeer [not from anything specific].

Om Nom has become a real monster here.

Chimera: Monarazzly

So, it turns out bears are terrifying. Just in case you didn’t know. This is a Mongoose (a “slender” mongoose, to be specific), Grizzly Bear, and Parakeet.


Chimera: Cheetoxhog

This one started out cute (I promise!) but turned out a little creepy, as usual. This little guy is a cheetah, hedgehog, fox: cheetoxhog. Enjoy!


Weekly Chimera Sketches

Extra post! I’ve been doing “chimera” sketches as a drawing exercise for the past little bit, and posting them for general entertainment. (Most of them are creepy, some are cute…) I’m posting here the ones I’ve done so far, and will post them weekly when I make new ones! (You can also find them on Instagram or Pinterest. Come say hi!)