Link Wednesday – September 2015

Evolving the Google Identity
Takeaway: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the new Google logo. I didn’t like the it at first, because the old one is so recognizable and classy, but their process is well reasoned (as is most of their business) and the last part of the article is fascinating: the file-size of their new logo is able to be smaller than the file size of their old logo (meaning it uses less bandwidth). Cool!

Why Following Up Will Lead to More Opportunities In Your Life – Red Lemon Club
Takeaway: A great article on followup timing. Don’t follow the “dating” rules (making them wait so you don’t seem too eager). Followup is a lot of work, but if you do it right, you can turn everyone into a lead or opportunity. “If you have a product or service that is well-suited to someone and can potentially improve their lives, it is your duty to get it in front of them.”

I Am Not a Graphic Designer – Mark Busse
Takeaway: Graphic Design isn’t all about graphics anymore, but the purpose behind those graphics. Should we change out titles or the world’s understanding of graphic design? I choose the latter.

How Much Does Brand Identity Cost – Ian Vadas
Takeaway: Here’s a wonderful look at someone else’s pricing in the industry and a good idea of what goes into a design. Very similar to mine (I mostly work with Solopreneurs and Small Businesses).


What have you been reading lately? Share interesting insights in the comments!

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