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For my pre-built packages, please book yourself in for your initial fact-finding meeting and we’ll get the ball rolling. Please note that I require a 25% deposit before starting a project.

Hors d’Oeuvre: Layout (for print and e-book), 2 graphics/10,000 words*, line & copy edit**, cover (images supplied by you)***, uploading to your preferred service, and ISBN help. $995 for 10,000 words, $1595 for 20,000 words.

Entrée: Layout (for print and e-book), 5 graphics/10,000 words*, full edit**, cover (photographic)***, uploading to your preferred service, and ISBN help. $1395 for 10,000 words, $2295 for 20,000 words.

Main Course: Layout (for print and e-book), 10 graphics/10,000 words*, 1 illustration/10,000 words*, full edit**, custom cover***, uploading to your preferred service, and ISBN help. $1795 for 10,000 words, $2795 for 20,000 words.


  1. If your book is longer than 20,000 words, please get in touch and I’ll provide you with a custom quote.
  2. If you want to replace items in the above packages, please let me know what you’d like to replace or remove, and I’ll let you know what the price difference will be.
  3. A 25% deposit is required, but balance can be paid in pre-determined installments.
  4. Unlimited revisions are included in the packages.
  5. If your book is non-fiction and requires an index, cost will depend on length, complexity of subject, and the desired thoroughness of the index.

* Graphics vs Illustrations: Graphics are items like graphs, charts, and tables, and simple infographics, as well as simple decorations and motifs. Illustrations are drawn representations of your content.

** Copy, Line, and Substantive Editing: Substantive editing reviews structure, plot or story flow, characterization and voice, and tone; this considers the piece as a whole. Line editing reviews the creative content, writing style, and language usage, all at the paragraph level. Copyediting and proofreading are the most common forms of editing. They review grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as internal consistency throughout. A full edit is all three types of editing, done in three separate read-throughs – If you’re unsure how much editing your manuscript will require, please send me a chapter for a review.

*** Covers: Images supplied: you send me the photos or illustrations you wish included on your cover, and I lay it out. Photographic: I find images appropriate to the manuscript and lay out the cover. Custom: I illustrate, or modify photographs to best give a taste of your book to potential readers.

Are you writing a book for your business? See my Business Services page for other corporate design packages.