Best Art! November Edition

It’s time for some excellent art!

RIP to a Former Art Site

This month marks the end of an era… Canadian website Nuvango has stopped being amazing. They used to sell protective skins for any device you could want to skin and had a large selection of artists (you would always find new amazing folks on there) you could follow for new work. Unfortunately, they’ve recently changed their model to limit and curate their selection, instead of being awesome (In fairness to their current artists, they still have some lovely work. I’m just bitter!). So I’m going to celebrate what used to be by sharing a few of my favourite artists I’d found through them.

Alberto Cerriteno paints in a faux collage style using textures as his colours. His “Enamoured” collection is the best. I have his enamoured owl and whale on my walls.


Amy Sol makes soft, weird art. Making good use of white paint by painting on a coloured canvas or wood (something not many people try), her paintings inspire conversations (like this one “Leave the Hair and Go Free”, which was on the back of my previous computer).


Nanami Cowdroy: creepy and beautiful. She’s not afraid to make a statement with her work (like this one: I have her cranes one on my wall.


Camilla D’Errico is probably my favourite. Being Canadian, she does the circuit of Canadian comic cons, and so I’ve got several of her works signed, which is the best.


One upside to losing my favourite website is that I’ve had to search around for others. Decal Girl and Society6 seem to be similar and I wouldn’t have bothered seeking them out before!

Autism Artistry

Last month at the Cannes Lions screening, there happened to be an exhibit at the Art Gallery downstairs of these fine gentlemen: Autism Artistry , two brothers from St. Albert. It was a lovely exhibit, and their work is amazing.


PiBoIdMo Survivor


In other news, I participated in the Picture Book Idea Month challenge in November… The purpose of which is to come up with at least one idea for a picture book each day in November. I came up with lots more than that, and hopefully it will turn into at least one good idea.

What art have you been into recently? I love finding new artists to love.

Weekly Chimera Sketches

Extra post! I’ve been doing “chimera” sketches as a drawing exercise for the past little bit, and posting them for general entertainment. (Most of them are creepy, some are cute…) I’m posting here the ones I’ve done so far, and will post them weekly when I make new ones! (You can also find them on Instagram or Pinterest. Come say hi!)