Link Wednesday – November 2015

What Not to Do When Sending Business Holiday Cards

Takeaway: Have you committed any of these faux-pas? Ordered too late? Mailed your cards a week late? Misspelled your clients’ names?

Do you even send holiday cards? Would you like to have a custom card to send your clients? You still have until the end of November for a custom design with me (or until Friday for a discount on a beautiful non-custom card). Otherwise, get in touch, and we’ll talk about next year!

Better yet, send your clients greeting cards for the holidays no one thinks about! Celebrate extra time with the upcoming leap day in February! Rejoice over the end of winter during the spring equinox! (Note: you might want to also send Christmas cards to your most important clients and suppliers.)

How Your Brain “Sees” a Logo

Takeaway: “Well-liked brands trigger responses in the same brain areas where human relationships (friendships for example) are processed.” Your favourite brands occupy the same brain-space as your friends… Sound about right? Does your company occupy anyone’s friend brain-space? If the answer is no, consider re-branding your company.

Cannes Lions, Awards for Commercials

I recently attended the Advertising Club of Edmonton’s Cannes Lions 2015 winners screening. The event was in support of NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) who help Canadians in the marketing and communications industry when they fall on hard times.

The joke at the event was that TV isn’t a dying medium: they managed to collect a full theatre just to watch commercials!

There were many good commercials, and it’s hard to pick even a few to share, but this one broke my heart. (They even use the sad version of the theme from Pixar’s Up! Oh, it hurts!)

And this one made me laugh:

What have you been reading lately? Share interesting insights in the comments!