#InkTober Wrapup

Phew! What a month. Making a (relatively) complete drawing (almost) every day is a lot of work! But it was fun, and I only missed one day. My next challenge is the #PiBoIdMo (if you’ve ever heard of NaNoWriMo, the month where writers try to finish a first draft of a book in a month, this is similar, but for picture book writers: so I’m going to be coming up with an idea for a picture book every day…) We’ll see how it goes!


Unfortunately, I missed a few blog posts last month. I’m restarting my Wednesday posting schedule from now! Things you can expect to see this month:

  • Best links of October roundup
  • My final Objection posts
  • Design Tips
  • Cool Art

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For your perusal, I’m reposting all my #inkTober drawings here. You can see my original postings and comments on Twitter (see posts from October 2015).

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