Tip: Function over Form

One of the most difficult parts of my job as a designer is balancing my tendency to make pretty, useless things with the need to actually communicate my client’s message.

I love decorating my spaces with attractive things. My electronics all have beautiful skins or cases (most from nuvango.com), my walls are covered with art (any more and it would become unattractively cluttered!), my ears and hands and neck often display lovely jewellery (usually unmatched pairs, because life is short!)… that’s right: my ears, hands, and neck are “spaces”. And when I make a design, sometimes I have to pull back on the pretty, so that the message comes out clear.

So if you spend money on a designer, try to find one who will make their functional pieces attractive, but if you have to choose one over the other, function is more important.

Choose function over beauty, folks. This applies to all kinds of things! Life partners, books, houses, kitchens, cars… I mean, if your car runs smoothly, but looks like a piece of junk, you’re better off than all those people out there whose cars look fine, but are actual pieces of junk inside!

Have you run into any design piece that didn’t get its message across because it was too busy being pretty? Have you had the misfortune of beautiful design that hasn’t got any results? Give me a call!

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